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Sri Lanka is incredibly beautiful. There's a lot of beauty on this small amazing island. It's impossible to love just one spot. But ELLA is certainly at the top of everyone's list of 'must visit' list! Tea, waterfalls, mountains, trains and breathtaking vistas. For all things ELLA, check out:

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Dambulla Rock Arch Hotel

Just 2km from Dambulla Rock cave temple and 6km from the Sigiriya rock fortress world heritage site, Dambulla Rock Arch offers you space for relaxation after a tiring journey. 

What guests are saying on TripAdvisor .......... 72 reviews and counting! 

Comfortable stay, kind people

We stayed here for 2 nights. This was the most pleasant stay during our Sri Lanka trip. We loved everything: room, facilities, food, location, wonderful place where we ate breakfast. But especially we liked meeting owners of hotel - so warm and kind family. We arranged pick up from Negombo to this hotel by email and we are very happy to make asquaintance with Mr. Susantha, the son in law of owner ,,amma". He drove us to visit Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa too. On the way he stopped to buy king coconuts for us, to see wild elephants and other interesting places. After the trip, he said that his wife is inviting us to their house for dinner. It was surprise for us. We had very delicious dinner. There was plenty of food. Good luck and best wishes to your family, Mr. Susantha! Thanks to your wife for daily morning guava while we were on the road.

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